Ceramic Pro is a line of products that work to protect every surface on your vehicle, from interior coverings, like leather, fabric, carpet and alcantara, right through to glass and plastic as well as permanently protecting your vehicle's paint.

Ceramic Pro 9H is a nano-ceramic paint coating that forms a permanent bond with your car's painted surfaces at a molecular level. This means that, unlike traditional paint sealants and waxes, Ceramic Pro 9H will not break down and drop away from the surface. In a world of over-hyped and under-performing paint protection products, Ceramic Pro delivers on every promise it makes. With unrivalled hydrophobic properties, superior chemical and UV resistance and an intense, deep gloss, Ceramic Pro stands out as the clear choice in paint protection for enthusiasts, collectors and commuters alike.

The Ceramic Pro range can cater for every automotive surface. It can make living with fine, pale leathers a breeze, reduce the risk of liquid damage to sensitive alcantara and micro-suede and make carpets significantly easier to maintain.

For more information on the Ceramic Pro range, as well as terms and conditions for the lifetime warranty on paint protection, visit www.nanoshine.com.au.